eCOM Project

Project information

The eCOM project is a multi-language pedagogical project to teach/learn enterprise technologies and related ones. The objectives are more precisely to design and develop a distributed e-commerce application allowing many products provided by several shops to be bought online. Java enterprise technologies are used to implement this application, such as distributed components technologies (EJB), naming services (JNDI), access to relational databases (JDBC), monitoring services (JMX), etc. The project instigates the use of Java enterprise design patterns, such as MVC/Struts, JTO, etc. It is supposed to be assumed by groups composed of three ou four sutdents, which integrates an important project management feature. The OW2 JOnAS project is used as the main JEE technology support.

Targeted audience

Students and professional engineers who want to learn and practice Java enterprise technologies.


SUN provides a complete JavaEE tutorial and a sample named PetStore However, this tutorial is quite complex and involves only JCP technologies.

IBM donated to Geronimo a set of examples such as DayTrader


This project shares the effort to maintain a open-source tutorial between several University teachers.

Community governance

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Concours Ecoles : Open World challenge


  • Mid term
    • translate the Wiki pages to chinese, spanish, portuguese ...
    • add extensions to other technologies (.NET, Hibernate, Spring, PHP, LDAP, JMS, WebServices, RESTFul Web Services JMX, CLIF, Jasmine, Google Toolkit, J2ME/MIDP/CLDC ...)